Fresh Fill is currently available in a variety of sizes.

Fresh Fill Jug

We offer 4" x 6" breathable bags (currently available as a set of four) filled with our odor neutralizing crystals that works great in small areas up to 100 square feet. If you have larger areas consider using a couple of bags. Put a breathable bag in the vegetable/fruit crisper and your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh much longer. Put a bag in the freezer and the ice tastes and smells better. Try a breathable bag in the following areas to help eliminate unpleasant or musty odors Pet Beds, Cages or Pens, Kennels and Carriers, Closets, Gym Bags, Smoking Areas and Ashtrays, Basements and Garages, Cars and RV’s

Fresh Fill Bucket

The 4 pound or 8 pound jugs and 15 pound bucket sizes are great for all purpose applications. We suggest sprinkling some Fresh Fill in your trash can when you replace the bag.  Another great use is to sprinkle some Fresh Fill into a clean litter box, add your favorite kitty litter and sprinkle again. Try on carpet, simply sprinkle lightly on the problem area...wait 24 to 48 hours and vacuum. Fresh Fill helps eliminate the vacuum bag odor too.

Fresh Fill Bag

Our Fifty pound bags are great for landscape applications. Fresh Fill is recognized as the best all natural artificial grass infill. When used on artificial or synthetic lawns it neutralizes the ammonia in pet urine and eliminates the odor. Fresh Fill also retains water longer than other infill products and helps to keep the grass cooler. Fresh Fill is being used to eliminate odor in horse stalls too. Fresh Fill is also an excellent soil amendment. Mix Fresh Fill into your existing soil before planting lawns, flower beds or vegetable gardens and you will have amazing results. Fresh Fill aerates the soil and because it retains water it reduces the amount of water needed.

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