All Natural Odor Neutralizing Crystals
100% Organic Kid & Pet Friendly
Environmentally Safe Non Toxic

What’s the difference between
Artificial turf infills?

Fresh Fill

  • All Natural
  • Organic
  • Non toxic
  • Natural Green Color
  • Odor Neutralizing
  • Retains 55% of its weight in Water
  • Great for Pets and Kids

Crumb Rubber

  • Recycled Tires
  • Non Toxic
  • Black Color
  • Retains Heat in the Summer
  • Stains Clothes
  • Usually 2x more expensive compared to other products

Silica or Black Sand

  • Coal Slag (Black Sand)
  • Advises to wear respiratory protection
  • Advises avoid breathing the fine silica dust
  • Retains Heat in the Summer
  • Noticeable Color