Fresh Fill Uses

  • Fresh Fill JugOdor Control
    One of the major causes of odor around animals is the generation of ammonia from urea and manure. Essential advantages of using FRESH FILL for odor control of cattle, hog and poultry feed lots are as follows: it captures ammonium and prevents the formation of ammonia that causes the noxious odor, it removes moisture, it prevents the leaching of the nitrogen to the groundwater, and the ammoniated FRESH FILL then becomes a secondary merchantable product as a fertilizer. Typical applications are for composting cattle, horse, and hog manure, poultry, dogs, cats (“kitty litter”), personal items, trash containers, air fresheners and cleaners, carpet odor control for use with pet odor, diaper pails, horse stalls, veterinary clinics, and bathrooms.
  • Artificial Grass Top Fill
    Most Artificial Grass companies use silica sand or crumb rubber for top fill on their artificial grass. These products have serious and inherent health issues. FRESH FILL totally eliminates all health concerns related to silica sand and crumb rubber. FRESH FILL is safe and its dark green color looks like natural soil on any Artificial Grass or natural grass. FRESH FILL has the unique ability to neutralize ammonia and therefore is excellent for reducing or eliminating dog or cat urine odors in the artificial or natural grass.
  • Fresh Fill BucketFertilizer
    The ability of FRESH FILL to load with 1.8 to 2.1% nitrogen in the form of ammonium in its crystal structure makes it excellent for fertilizer applications. The nitrogen is not water-soluble, but it is plant accessible. The FRESH FILL holds the nitrogen in the root zone of the plant. In typical nitrogen fertilizer applications, as much as 35% of the nitrogen leaches out of the growth zone and reports to the aquifer to create nitrite and nitrate contamination. Consequently the FRESH FILL reduces the amount of nitrogen needed. FRESH FILL contains approximately 3.47% potassium, which is an important nutrient in fertilizers. The FRESH FILL holds up to 55% of its weight in water that protects the plant against drought. FRESH FILL has been successfully used for golf course, sports fields, parks and common areas, and high value crops.
  • Air Filtration
    FRESH FILL has been used for the separation of gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Typical applications would include; enriched oxygen supplies for steel mills, smelters, re-oxygenation of downstream water from sewage plants, smelters, pulp and papter plants, fishponds and tanks, removal of carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide from methane generators such as organic waste, sanitary landfills, municipal sewage systems, animal waste treatments facilities, the removal of sulfur dioxide from stack gases such as coal generating plants (to limit sulfur dioxide emissions to 100 ppm for EPA standards), coal gasification from underground sources for the removal of nitrogen and sulfur dioxide.
  • Fresh Fill BagWater Filtration and Waste Water Treatment
    FRESH FILL has been used as a filter media for particulate removal. Additionally they are used to remove nitrogen, certain organic hydrocarbons, and toxic cations such as silver, mercury, nickel, chrome, colbalt, antimony, arsenic, etc. Typical applications would include swimming pools, municipal water systems, and waste water treatment plants.