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Our Turf Is Great for Dogs and Other Pets!


Fresh Fill

Fresh Fill is an all-natural, odorless, and nontoxic crushed volcanic rock. Its crystals act like a magnet to attract and eliminate unpleasant airborne odors from smoke, pets, ammonia, formaldehyde, urine, and more. It works without any additives like perfume and chemicals.

Fresh Fill has no odor of its own. It is nontoxic and 100% organic, so it’s safe for children and pets.

Put it anywhere around the house. It is perfect for boats, RVs, cars, closets, and garages. Fresh Fill retains 55% of its weight in water, which helps reduce water consumption for people in drought conditions.

It is used as a soil amendment too! In addition to helping with water consumption, it helps with poor drainage conditions and works as an all-natural organic fertilizer.

Fresh Fill can be used to eliminate odors by simply placing a breathable bag near the odor or by sprinkling granules over or near the soiled areas. Feel free to call to request more information including the technical information and specifications.

Safe for Your Pets!

The turf will not harm your pets and your pets cannot harm the turf.

Odor Eliminating Infill

Our special, nontoxic, and organic Fresh Fill neutralizes pet odors. This is not a perfume that will just mask the odors; our product uses the sun’s natural UV rays to completely eliminate pet odors!

No More Bare Spots

Tired of your dog’s tracking mud in the house when it rains? With synthetic turf, your dogs will stay nice and clean no matter what the weather is like outside.

Great for Any Type of Area With Pets

Our turf has been installed in everything, from 15 square ft. backyard dog runs to 12,000-square ft. dog agility centers. Everyone agrees—Synthetic Turf Products has the best turf!


Dogs Love It!

And you’ll love the fact that you’ll be saving money, water, and time.

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